Wonder Woman


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Gal Gadot as Diana
Robin Wright as Antiope
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Moonstrike9 9 / 10

Watch It!

Just watched the first show and everybody started clapping when the credit started to roll in the end. That says a lot about a movie.Many of us had doubt when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, and she proved the worth. What an amazing cast! Hollywood is full of beautiful actresses, but Gal also has a great personality which resonates with her character very well. She is strong as well as funny. Chris Pine turned out to be the perfect sidekick and love interest of Diana. He has this old classic Hollywood look. I am hoping we will see more of Connie Nelson and Robin Wright's character in the next venture. I don't want to go further into screenplay. It has its tiny flaws, but we have seen much worse in recent times. Many people might argue why the WWI? Well, the core of the movie is not the war, but the darkness inside us that causes the war. You can easily relate it to today's narrative. I enjoyed the movie through and through. Finally a quality superhero movie from DC after Batman Trilogy. You go Gal!

Reviewed by madbhoot 9 / 10

Wonder Woman: Best DC Movie after the Batman Trilogy!

The DCEU was off to a really rough start. The previous three installments had so much potential but didn't deliver and disappointed me, and probably a lot of fans. But as for "Wonder Woman"... this movie is one of the best comic book movies I have ever seen! The movie does a great use of its nearly 2 and a half hours running time to show us Diana's origins and how she became who she is. From the island of Themyscira, the Amazonian princess finds herself in London, in the period of the first World War, alongside heartthrob pilot/spy Steve Trevor - and his friendly secretary Etta Candy - where she has to face a mad scientist (Doctor Poison), the general of the German Army (General Erich Ludendorff) and even bigger threats.And while the villains might not be the strongest thing about this movie, Gal Gadot will steal your heart as Wonder Woman, as she is charming and bad ass, with the performances of Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis and others being also noteworthy. But it is Patty Jenkins's direction and the script from the writing team that makes this movie set the bar high for future female-lead (and male-lead) comic book movies.Filled with heart, humour, action, some romance and war drama, this movie is not just a game-changer for DC's shared movie universe. It's a game-changer for this genre as a whole.

Reviewed by Dimitris Kountouris 9 / 10

The best DCEU movie so far!

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by prospectus_capricornium 9 / 10

A Visual Extravaganza Brimming with Heart and Reason

I'm not so good at reviews, I'm better at just having conversations about movies, but for Wonder Woman, I'll give it a shot.The critics (and not only them) may not like the DCEU so far, but "Wonder Woman" is surely the best movie and one of the greatest comic book movies ever.The movie is "patient". We get the chance to see in depth Diana's motives and why she "walked away from mankind" 100 years ago, and why she returned to protect this world forever.Beautiful landscapes in Themiscyra, a great first act. Then, after Diana leaves her home, we get to see her adjusting in the outside world, and realizing what this war is really about.Every action scene, especially those with her theme song in the background and the combination of darkness and humor are absolutely fascinating, something that makes you wanna have to try really hard to stay in your seat.I liked every performance, but Gal Gadot was the best by far, portraying Diana Prince/Wonder Woman exceptionally. For me, she and Ben Affleck make the best performances of the DCEU and the best portrayals of their characters ever."Wonder Woman" made me want to see Justice League even more. Not because I love DC, but because it shows us that we can be optimistic about the DCEU.I may didn't collect my thoughts so well, and this may be a "bad" review, but I loved this movie, and I couldn't handle myself. The best is yet to come!9/10

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