[Exiled-Destiny] Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia 1-13 [Dual Audio] [BD-1080p-10bit]

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  • [Exiled-Destiny] Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia 1-13 (Dual Audio) [BD 1080p 10bit]
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep10_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(85BA4394).mkv (1008.32 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep09_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(37008E9D).mkv (979.77 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep11_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(DA15F2AC).mkv (857.89 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep12_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(08F39ACD).mkv (948.85 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep13_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(F67B6885).mkv (912.49 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep08_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(A8AE0807).mkv (978.20 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep07_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(2E1DB505).mkv (1.22 Gb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep03_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(2E8532BD).mkv (828.62 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep02_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(7715A59F).mkv (885.94 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep04_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(D3386D87).mkv (983.26 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep05_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(FD500ADF).mkv (897.68 Mb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep06_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(EC7EED77).mkv (1.11 Gb)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Dusk_Maiden_Of_Amnesia_Ep01_[BD_1080p_10Bit]_(B4BD7320).mkv (943.10 Mb)



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Alternative Titles
English: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Japanese: 黄昏ä¹™女×アムネジア

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 9, 2012 to Jun 25, 2012
Producers: Square Enix, Media Factory, Silver Link, Sentai FilmworksL, Tasogare Otome×Amnesia Production Partners
Genres: Mystery, Horror, Romance, School, Shounen, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Group: exiled-destiny
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
Video: 1080p Widescreen JAP BD
Audio: 2.0 FLAC English / 2.0 FLAC Japanese
Subtitles: .SRT/.ASS

Plot Summary
At the Private Seikyō Academy, there is a legend that all students have heard. Sixty years ago, there was a girl who for some reason, was left behind in the old, abandoned school building to die. Teiichi Niiya one day meets a beautiful, mysterious girl named Yūko Kanoe at the old school building and gets a surprise—she's the ghost of the girl who died 60 years ago, but does not remember her past or how she died. Teiichi becomes determined to help her remember, and together, they seek the truth behind the gruesome legend.